Versatile project


15/03/2010:Website update.
Currently working on threading.


The purpose of the project is to make an operating system, called Versatile, with a single address space design, orthogonal persistence and a query-based "file system".
For the moment the development is only targeted for IA-32 architecture.
The code, mostly in C, is distributed under MIT License.



Memory manager

Minimal hardware requirement


Processor: i386 or upper

RAM memory: 4 MB

Source code

You can view the code by browsing our Git repository.


Step 1: Create a directory

$ mkdir versatile
$ cd versatile

Step 2: Get versatile sources

$ git clone git://

Step 3: Compile

$ make all

Step 4: Run with qemu (by using 4Mb of RAM and the generated ISO image)

$ qemu -m 4 -cdrom versatile.iso

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